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Outdoor Experiences and Hikes in Harmony with Nature

Outdoor Artisans is a company based in the village of Pyhäjärvi in Lapland, near Pyhä-Luosto National Park, offering experiences, courses and hikes. We live in close connection with the natural cycles and provide our services in harmony with the natural world. Our goal is to organize memorable excursions for our customers in a safe and responsible manner, while showing deep respect for the environment we love.

We are a small local business whose operation is built on passion, expertise, professionalism and a warm relationship with nature. We primarily accommodate small groups to offer authentic experiences and top-notch service.

You can find adventures and hikes with us year-round!


Antti Siltala

Antti is an active wilderness and nature guide with years of experience in hiking, canoeing, fishing and planning and executing challenging treks. He has worked as a wilderness and adventure guide in the Pyhä-Luosto area since 2011 and is well-acquainted with the region.

Over the years, Antti has explored particularly the Lapland regions of Finland, Sweden and Norway through hiking, biking, paddling, kiteskiing, downhill skiing and fishing. Antti specializes in summer and winter fishing, adventurous SUP and packraft treks, as well as snowsurfing workshops and camps. Bushcraft and survival skills are also close to Antti's heart.

”I want to offer people unforgettable experiences in nature, take them to incredible places, and provide an opportunity to learn something new and interesting.”

  • Wilderness and nature guide (Niittylahti 2010)
  • Canoeing instructor (Canoeing and Rowing Association)
  • White Water Rescue Technician (Rescue 3 Europe)
  • Member of the Survival guild since 2013
  • Wilderness First Aid (Wilderness Medical Associates)
  • SUP instructor (2022)

Venla Saari

Venla thrives best outdoors, enjoying activities like climbing, kayaking, skiing, hiking with dogs, or simply relishing the beauty of nature. For Venla, her passion for the outdoors and hiking has become a profession, and she has been working as a guide in the Pyhä-Luosto area since 2012.

Venla is well-acquainted with the Pyhä-Luosto region but has also hiked, paddled and skied extensively in various parts of Lapland. Her specialties include kayaking and cooking over an open fire.

"Pure food, the nature of Lapland, and incredible adventures are my passions that I want to introduce to others."

  • Wilderness and nature guide (Vigu 2019)
  • Canoeing instructor (Canoeing and Rowing Association)
  • Wilderness First Aid (Wilderness Medical Associates)
  • Finlav Pro 1 (Finnish Avalanche Training)
  • Member of the Survival guild since 2013
  • SUP instructor (2022)



To us, heartiness means encountering and treating people with love. With us, you can be your true self.


Authenticity expresses how we are, what we are like, and the kind of service we want to provide: authentic northern life, pure food, genuine adventures and true presence in nature.


We draw our strength from nature. We want to treat it with respect and offer its power, beauty, and uniqueness to our customers year-round. Ethics and sustainability are important to us and we want to live and operate as a company based on those values.

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