Rental Terms


Outdoor Artisans Oy

1. All our prices include VAT and the prices are stated in euros. We reserve the right to cancel the transaction or make price changes if the ordered product or its price does not correspond to the actual market price due to, for example, a technical error in the online store or human error. We reserve the right to change prices and conditions. When ordering, the customer agrees to these terms of delivery.

2. The right to use the rented equipment is transferred from Outdoor Artisans Oy to the renter for the agreed period after Outdoor Artisans Oy receives the agreed rental amount.

3. The renter is responsible for the rented equipment and his own safety. Always use a life jacket and, if necessary, other safety equipment. The renter must observe caution when using the rental equipment and the instructions received from the renter (Outdoor Artisans Oy). The renter is responsible for the property damage caused to Outdoor Artisans Oy and is obliged to pay the repair costs or the price of a product equivalent to a new tool if the rental tool is lost or is unrepairable when returned.

4. Outdoor Artisans Oy undertakes to deliver the rental equipment at the agreed time and in the agreed manner.

5. The renter must return the rented equipment at the agreed time in the agreed manner, clean and dry. If the rental equipment is returned dirty or if it is returned late, the renter must inform Outdoor Artisans Oy. In these cases, Outdoor Artisans Oy is entitled to charge the renter an additional compensation for the rental equipment: washing €30, late arrival €30/day.

6. Sub-rental and commercial use of rental equipment is prohibited without separate permission.

Outdoor Artisans Oy’s responsibilities are limited to the delivery of the agreed equipment at the agreed time in the agreed manner.

The terms are valid until further notice.

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