Hikes & camps

We believe that adventures and hikes keep the mind sharp and life flavorful. We specialize in organizing hikes and camps that are a bit out of the ordinary, leaving lasting memories.

We hike a lot, whether by paddling, cycling, or skiing, and we go to places where not everyone offers hikes – or at least not in the same way.

We have divided the camps and hikes into summer season and winter season hikes. Note: Summer season includes also autumn, and winter season includes also spring!

Our hikes and camps are professionally guided, safe, fun, and educational experiences that you can join alone or with a friend. There’s a good chance to make new friends with others out there, so it’s easy to join even if you are on your own!

Book your hike here, or if you have a group and an idea, get in touch, and we’ll plan a hike that’s just right for you!

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