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Outdoor Artisans is a company offering equipment rental and trips of various lengths planned with love.

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Here you will find equipment for many different outdoor sports and your own trips in both summer and winter. Renting is a good option when you want to try something new without investing thousands of euros or you rarely need equipment. Our selection includes high quality ultralight backpacks and tents, cookers, SUP boards, packrafts and kayaks. By renting equipment, you fight unnecessary consumption and save money as well as nature. The kayaking, SUP, packrafting and hiking gear we rent are high quality, reliable and well-kept. All equipment is serviced regularly and repaired as needed. Whether you are planning a fishing trip to the fjells or a backpacking trip to Repovesi, we will provide you with the essential gear you need. Also ask about postage and transport service! For beginners, we recommend guided tours and hikes primarily for safety reasons. Below we have listed our rental equipment in three different categories. You can find our rental terms here.

Paddling gear

Hiking gear

Other gear

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