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Adventure Guide for Your Journeys!


Are you embarking on a demanding adventure where you need a skilled and reliable guide by your side?


Antti is a highly experienced wilderness guide who has participated in numerous challenging expeditions, often serving as the team leader or guide. His journeys have taken him from the wilderness of Lapland to the glaciers of Greenland, and he has even been part of two expeditions to Antarctica, providing him with valuable experience in demanding winter conditions.

Antti is well-acquainted with the northern mountain landscapes, lakes, and rivers. His special skills include paddling (SUP boards’s and packrafts), fishing, fatbike treks and snowsurfing trips and courses.


He has accumulated a wealth of experiences! 

Antti has guided adventure swimmer Janne Hinkkanen’s swim through Vätsäri wilderness to the Arctic Ocean, and adventure runner Jukka Viljanen’s run across Greenland. He has also been involved in guiding multiple expeditions for Mikko “Peltsi” Peltola’s “Peltsin toinen luonto” documentary series for TV.

Many adventures have been lived, and more are constantly on the horizon, ranging from short trips to challenging expeditions lasting over a week, both in the summer and winter seasons.

Examples of Adventure Destinations

Paddled rivers

Antti probably knows Lapland’s rivers better than his own pockets. Paddled and guided trips have been taken on wilderness rivers in Lapland as well as elsewhere in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

The most famous ones are mentioned here, and some of them have been paddled even several times in different seasons.

  • Svalbard Norway (packraft)
  • Ivalojoki (Korsajärvi-Ritakoski, sup)
  • Javarusjoki (sup, packraft)
  • Jongunjoki (sup)
  • Kaamasjoki (packraft)
  • Kairijoki (sup)
  • Kitkajoki (sup, packraft)
  • Käkkälöjoki (packraft)
  • Meltausjoki (sup)
  • Munkelva (packraft, sup)
  • Naruskajoki (sup)
  • Nuorttijoki (sup, packraft)
  • Näätämöjoki (packraft)
  • Oulankajoki (sup)
  • Pyhäjoki (sup, packraft)
  • Pöyrisjoki (sup, packraft)
  • Rajajoki-Kietsimäjoki (packraft)
  • Reisaelva (sup)
  • Rommaeno (sup)
  • Tenojoki (sup)
  • Toriseno (sup)
  • Valtijoki-Poroeno-Lätäseno (sup, packraft)
  • Vaskojoki (packraft)
  • Through Vätsäri

Fatbike hikes

Going on a hike with fatbikes is challenging in a whole new way, but journeying is fast and fun in many places.

You can go on fatbike hikes both in the summer season (when there is no snow) and also in the winter.

Take a look below at the places where Antti has traveled on a fatbike.


  • Halti (Finland-Norway)
  • Hetta-Särkijärvi (Finland)
  • Iesjärvi (Norway)
  • Ifjord (Norway)
  • Korvatunturi (Finland)
  • Pyhä-Suvanto-Soutaja-Pyhä (Finland)


  • Iesjavri (Norway)
  • Kalmankaltio-Pöyrisjärvi-Näkkälä-Hetta (Finland)

Winter hikes

Hiking in winter and being at the mercy of nature is demanding and precise work, because winter creates conditions many times more difficult, challenging and dangerous for journeying and survival.

Antti has hiked and guided many different hikes in the winter in Finnish Lapland as well as in Northern Norway and Northern Sweden.

Take a look below at the places Antti knows in winter.

  • Halti (Finland-Norway)
  • Ifjord (Norway)
  • Korvatunturi (Finland)
  • Sarek (Sweden)
  • Vatnajökull (Iceland)
  • Vätsäri (Finland)

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